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About Ty

Ty Nichols is The Habit Strategist. Starting his career in 1998 as a call center representative, Ty decided to put his head down and work. He learned from mentors, took risks and climbed the corporate ladder.  For the past 20 years Ty has honed his leadership skills working as an Executive for Fortune 500 Companies such as Comcast, Target, and Cintas.  He has had the pleasure to lead dozens of teams and leaders to unimaginable results.  After earning his bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Journalism at the University of Maryland in 2017, he decided to focus on his health.  Applying his leadership skills and the science of Habit Formation he lost more than 200 pounds, adding years to his life.  Ty now helps individuals, organizations, and businesses maximize productivity and profits by helping them build relationships, optimize performance, and improve professional and/or personal development through leadership success habits. He is happily married with his with 2 children and lives in Columbia, MD.

Water Polo Player

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Self Mastery

The one key skill that sets a highly successful individual apart from all the rest.  With this program you will pick up the tools to eliminate procrastination, stay motivated and step proudly into the new you and grow!!

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What People Say

Ty was brilliant! He had intriguing stories and excellent humor. He connected intimately with the audience.

Dr. John Melmed

Powerful speaker with great humor and energy!

Lance Smith

The way Ty speaks, I could listen to him all day long.  He makes you feel like he is talking directly to you.

John Comberiate


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