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About Ty

Ty Nichols, an University of Maryland alumni, is an elite speaker who delivers engaging, interactive and motivational keynotes, training sessions and workshops which empower audiences with practical strategies to take their performance and results to greater heights.We don’t rise to the level of our goals we fall to the level of our systems. Ty help leaders, organizations, teams and individuals be more efficient, more effective and thrive by helping understand the habits of the highly successful and equip them with tools to control their habits, strengthen their will and bring their dreams to fruition. He is an experienced motivational speaker, with an appealing and engaging style that fits well with diverse audiences.

Water Polo Player

Shed the weight and do it Now!

Self Mastery

The one key skill that sets a highly successful individual apart from all the rest.  With this program you will pick up the tools to eliminate procrastination, stay motivated and step proudly into the new you and grow!!

Past Client Experiences

What People Say

Ty was brilliant! He had intriguing stories and excellent humor. He connected intimately with the audience.

Dr. John Melmed

Powerful speaker with great humor and energy!

Lance Smith

The way Ty speaks, I could listen to him all day long.  He makes you feel like he is talking directly to you.

John Comberiate


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